Project: Pi-hole Domain Blocker

*** ABOUT ***

A simple PHP tool to add / remove websites to block in Pi-Hole (


Upload blocked_domains.sql to your SQL Server and provide the details in config.php.


To activate / deactivate the system, edit $active = "y/n".

Project online: y

Project offline: n

*** INFO ***

This tool does not tap into Pi-hole, and can not update the gravity list automaticly. This have to be manually.

To add the tool to Pi-hole, navigate to "Group Management" -> "Adlist" and add gravity.php (


config.php The configuration file. Contains on/off switch, error reporting, database details, date & time and url tags.

new.php Get domain from user, and sends it to add_db.php.

add_db.php Get information from new.php and add it to the database.

edit.php Enable / Deavtivate a domain in the database. Does not delete the domain.

manage.php Overview of all active and inactive domains. Allow user to add, enable and disable a domain.

gravity.php The list of active domains from the database to use with Pi-hole.

blocked_domains.sql Example database with some domains (,,